Tips from Your Breast Friend

How do I know if my bra fits properly?
Over 80% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra.  Your bra should not cut into your flesh, but it should be tight enough to stay up without the straps on your shoulders.  Your bra-wire or band should sit flush against your skin, and encase your breast but not cut into the tissue at the sides or underneath. When you reach up, your bra should stay in place. If you slip your straps off your shoulders, your bra should stay in place. If your bra moves when you slip the straps off your shoulders, its likely that the band is too big. If you can’t fit two fingers underneath your bra band comfortably, it’s too tight. The apex of the breast must be in the center of the cup. If your cup is too big, it won’t stay there.

Is it really important that my bra fits properly?
A well fitting bra is essential.  A bra is one of the most important things a woman puts on and it probably gets the smallest amount of attention. A supportive bra that fits correctly may assist in avoiding back and neck injury and strain. Our bra size changes with weight, age, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, etc. so it is important to look for a new bra as soon as you realize that the bra is too tight or too loose.  Ill-fitting bras can contribute to chronic headaches, back pain, tingling in the arms, restricted breathing, abrasions, rashes and breast pain, especially during exercise. In addition, an incorrectly fitting bra doesn’t often look that good, so can have a negative affect on your self esteem.

How often should I shop for a Bra?
Overtime, even your favourite and most trusted bra will stretch. When purchasing a bra, make sure it fastens comfortably on the first (loosest) or second hook, because if you’re already on the last (tightest) hook when you buy it, there’s nowhere to go when it stretches out. Even if you’re a full-figured woman, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a full-busted one.
Bras last for around 6 months, depending on many factors including fit, the type fabric they are made from, and how you look after them. Ideally, you should purchase a new bra every six months, but with proper care, every year. Ideally, hand-launder bras. But that’s not always practical, so for machine washing, hook the bra together first, place it in a lingerie bag and wash on the gentle cycle. Never, ever put a bra in the dryer.

Four Essential Bras Every Woman Should Own
♥Strapless or Convertible Bra, which are great for strapless tops, dresses and gowns or shirts with thin straps.  We stock bras for even the curviest of figures, if you cant find what you are looking for on our site, please call one of our qualified fitters for assistance.
♥T-Shirt Bra: this bra will give you a super smooth look under fitted and lightweight materials.
♥Seamed Bra:  For wear under heavier materials like suits, jackets, bulky sweaters or any time you want a more forward projection.  The more seams, the more shape.
♥Sport Bra: These bras are great for any physical activity, not just playing sport.  They provide great support when you are gardening, cleaning the house or running around anywhere in a hurry.  Wear this bra when you need maximum support, and dont want to risk damaging your back (or for some of us, black eyes!)

How often can I wear the same bra?  Its my favourite….
As most bras are made with a significant amount of lycra, its not a good idea to wear the same bra every day.  Body heat and oil from our skin has an adverse affect on the life of Lycra, and it takes a while to return to its normal shape after washing.  Try not to wear the same bra two days in a row, even if it is your old faithful…