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Greenleaf Signature Candle 80 Hours Burn time 270g


Greenleaf Candles

Blushing Tulips™
Fragrant Spring tulips coupled with enchanting sandalwood and musk

Classic Linen™
The fresh fragrance of Spring air and clean water, wrapped like a sun dried quilt with sweet floral and balsamic notes 

Garden Breeze™
A romantic blend of jasmine, rose, citrus with ylang and woodsy notes
Refreshing seashore breeze blended with lavender & jasmine flowers on a woody amber & sweet musk base

Exuberant and warm blend of fresh fruits, gentle spices and sweet vanilla

The calming essence of lavender, relaxing and pure

Luscious and exotic pomegranates twisted with hints of juicy green apple

Soft, romantic perfume of delicate roses in bloom

Soft floral in amber, birchwood and patchouli base with bergamot, ylang, spicy ginger and geranium in a herbal blend

Tuscan Vineyard
Sophisticated, full-bodied blend of rich Tuscan grapes on the vine 

Sweet Valencia oranges mingle in blend of mandarin, lily, cashmere musk, jasmine and hint of woodsy notes